Fresh & Halal Meat Only At Apna Farm!

Do you dread the idea of going grocery shopping? If so, you’re not alone!

Not being able to find what you need can be quite frustrating and you sometimes have to stop by several different stores just to find that one missing item on your grocery list. But have no worries – Apna Farm is here to save you time and stress! With decades of credibility at its disposal, Apna Farm is trusted with 100% halal meat, pantry staples, organic produce, and so much more. 

Generally, there are many options available on the market but who to trust with your meat? Most of the butchers that you go to sometimes lack variety in meat options, freshness, basic hygiene, and everything that can put you off.   

To make sure that your favorite meat of choice isn’t compromised, it is always best to inspect it in person. With some lamb chops or minced chicken, ordering online is a bit of a risk. 

So many questions: Where is it coming from? How is it going to be packaged? If it is marinated meat what spices in what quantities have been used? And the list of concerns is endless. 

Apna Farm is here for the best grocery shopping experience when it comes to ethnic groceries, organic produce, and fresh halal meat. With two physical stores in Toronto, Ontario, you get fine cuts of meat that are sourced from the best Canadian farms. 

Variety Of Halal Meaty Goodness Now Available!

Enough worrying about where you’re going to find the best Sirloin steak or marinated meat because Apna Farm has got you covered. You can ask for freshly cut meat as well since it is hand slaughtered, fresh from the local farms and 100% halal. 

When you walk into the Apna Farm store, there is a dedicated spacious meat section that is hard to miss. The working staff here are very cooperative and it makes sure that you get the best service without wasting any time. For your own convenience, especially if you want your groceries on the go, you can opt for the prepackaged meat as well. 

We take pride in having a sustainable food supply chain in place that also empowers the local meat farmers and butchers.You can easily look up our physical stores in Brampton and Mississauga for the fresh halal meat variety. The variety of meat at Apna Farm includes chicken, mutton, veal, beef, duck, fish and so much more to satisfy your meat cravings. 

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